Patrick Robinson, co-author of “A Colossal Failure Of Common Sense,” is a #1 New York Times bestselling techno-thriller novelist, who rivals the best of Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler and Frederick Forsyth. His books are geo-political tales of anti-terrorism and the balance of world power, usually conducted on the high seas, always packed with US Navy SEAL black-operations in the most sinister environments on earth. A hard line of chilling reality runs through the spine of each book.

Patrick Robinson Author

Patrick Robinson, on Cape Cod

The first techno-thriller, Nimitz Class, was a big action story, about a rogue Islamic terrorist in a stolen submarine, armed with a nuclear-tipped torpedo capable of obliterating a Nimitz-Class aircraft carrier. It was published in 1997, and hit the New York Times bestseller list in its first week. Critics called it, “The best military thriller since The Hunt For Red October.” One month later, John McTiernan optioned the rights for Universal Studios.

But Nimitz Class was never made. McTiernan, who had given the rights to his wife, ended his marriage and, subsequently, the project died in the hands of an ex-wife who would not allow the film to move forward.

Despite selling millions of books around the world, in twenty different languages, a film has never been made from a Patrick Robinson novel.

And after his fifth hugely popular Barracuda 945, about the Hamas General Ravi Rashood – a turn-coat from the British Special Forces – the world changed. The Twin Towers In New York City were attacked by al-Qaeda on September 11th, 2001.

Soon afterwards, the terrorist genre fell from grace. Robinson continued writing a new novel every year, but sales were hampered by current events and the lack of exposure a movie provides to authors.

In 2006, Robinson received a phone call. A Navy SEAL had fought his way out of Afghanistan in the summer of 2005, after his team were ambushed by the Taliban high in the Hindu Kush. He wanted to write a book to honor his lost comrades. Patrick was approved by the US Navy to write Marcus Luttrell’s story, as the pre-eminent writer of Navy SEAL fiction. The book was published one year later. Lone Survivor was #1 on the New York Times bestseller list for the entire summer of 2007. In fact, it was on the bestseller list for eight months. In August, 2007, Universal Studios bought the rights for $3 million.

Patrick Robinson writes books that read like blockbuster movies. They are fast-paced and meticulously researched, and “A Colossal Failure Of Common Sense” is no exception, published by Crown, July 2009.


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